Close-up of calm female enjoying procedure of massage

Swedish massage is the most popular and ancient European massage technique, it was invented by a Swedish doctor and physiotherapist Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839).
It’s done all over the body, except the genitals triangle and the prohibited zones, which are not involved in massage therapy.
This kind of massage can be performed even in single parts of the body and fulfil the costumers desire, because this particular technique doesn’t have a strict sequence.
It’s a great method to fight fat and cellulite thanks to it’s releasing, relaxing ,toning and draining effects.
The massage it’s made with oils and normal on the massage table.

We recommend a stretching section in combination with massage that consists of moving and stretching the muscles to their maximum extension maintaining both passive and active positions. This will help to regain body fit and improve your posture , it’s very important to prevent injuries during sports sections and in everyday life.