Frequently asked questions 

Which massage is the right one for me? 
The massage should meet with the needs of wellness of everyone. The massage therapist will guide you to understand what your needs are and recommend the best treatment for you ,that’s going to help you to achieve your goal .

What should I do before a massage? 
It is advisable to get an appointment in the best hygienic conditions, both in respect of the masseur and of the study. For the rest all you have to do is relax.

How many massages do I need to feel the desired effect? 
Already after the first session you can enjoy the first benefits of a treatment but it is recommended to run multiple sessions in order to give your body time to adapt to small changes.
If necessary, you may decide to follow a path of monthly, bimonthly or quarterly keeping as needed.

Are frequent massages good for my health?
Massage is a natural practice that can accompany us and help us to deal with the hectic life of every day, a time to rest our mind and take care of our body.
Taking care of yourself does not mean caring of yourself once a year.

Is a massage painful?
There are different types of massage , some are delicate and others more energetic. According to the physical needs of the costumer the massage therapist will measure out the various elements of massage to make the experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.
The subjectivity of pain is a factor that is kept high regard, but let’s not forget that we often neglect ourselves for years coming to live with painful situations in everyday life.
We must ,therefore, not be afraid of a practice ,as the massage is, designed to improve the quality of life.

By which circumstances might a massage not possible?
When in doubt it is always good to hear the advice of your doctor.
The cases in which instead is not recommended the practice of a massage are those in which there has been :recent traumatic processes, acute inflammation, venous diseases, febrile processes, heart failure with leg edema, nervous system disorders, kidney stones, cancer, dermatitis and dermatosis, during menstruations and during the first trimester of pregnancy.

What is the perfect time to have a massage during the day?
Everyone chooses the moment he prefers, morning, afternoon or evening. Generally we recommend not doing a massage if we have in programme a hard physical training ,and less than 90 minutes after eating.

How should I be dressed during a massage?
During the massage you wear your pants or a disposable pant, which we will provide for you. Your body will be fully covered with a towel and only the treated part will be naked.

Can I stay naked during a massage?
No. Complete nudity is not allowed during the treatment, for hygienic issues and respect of your body and the operator as well. In any case it is not necessary.

I am ashamed and I feel uncomfortable, what can I do?
It’s normal to feel uncomfortable the first time, it’s a normal condition that the operator is accustomed to, therefore, the massage always begins while you are lying prone and you’ll be covered with a towel. It’s our duty to have a delicate and a comforting approach.

What kinds of products are used?
We use a selection of natural oils with a focus on quality of the products.

Where can I receive the massage treatment?
The massage is performed at MassaggioVerona, in Olmo’s street n.6, Montorio Veronese.
Here you’ll find a private studio of a specialist, not a beauty centre or a massage centre. Alternatively, you can request a home delivery service.

How does the home service work?
Massage at home is a service of Massaggio Verona that may request an additional charge on the normal price.
The operator will come to your home with all the necessary equipment including the massage table, for which adequate space is needed.

Can I request an appointment for information? 

Sure, you can request a free information meeting to know your masseur and to choose together the appropriate treatment needed.

I am not satisfied and I have further questions, what can I do?
You can send an E-Mail to massaggioverona@live.com with all your questions, leaving your contact number, you will receive an answer in short time or you will be called as soon as possible.